The famous NASA Hubble Space Telescope turned 20 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Perdy cool. Check it out.

For those of you wanting to read a sample chapter, please be patient. I can't really figure out how to post a whole chapter online. Perhaps if I can get my computer savvy brother to help me out on this one, you might get lucky. But until then, you can bite your fingernails, and pick your scabs and hangnails, while waiting. Hey, don't look at me that way. I've seen lots of people fishing for scabs, fleas, dandruff globs, slivers, and other unidentified objects a while biding their time. I'm thinking it releases stresses, and gives an endorphin buzz. Seriously.

Wow, I'm sidetracked today. Maybe, it's because I broke down and drank a mountain dew. Not that I'm endorsing it. No. Bad stuff it is. It's very bad for your bones, teeth, and everything else. But it sure does taste nice when you're feeling low on energy juice.


And to answer your questions Anonymous commenter, (can I call you Gardenia?) Sorry, it was just a random name that popped into my head. You wanted to know when my book is going to be published.

Soon, I hope. Every authors publishing story is different. Some have to battle their way up to be published, while others send it out and bam, it's on the bookshelves. Well, not quite that fast. But it seems like that. Let's hope my story will be like that. :)

To answer your second question, my very most favorite thing about writing is the fact that I can become anyone I want while writing. I love how I can create an alternate world so fantastic and different from our own, and then sprinkle on some magic dust(or proverbial truths from our own world)that makes the story become alive, believable and real. That's the beauty of fantasy. It's the beauty of fiction. Awe, it makes me smile. I love writing. Love story telling.

Third question. What character is my favorite?

I can't really put a finger on the character that gets to be crowned with all my devotion and most highest esteem. I tried to make each character have their own particular strengths and weaknesses, so I like them all for different reasons. When I started out writing I made a log of what characters I would have, what they would look like, and what they wanted most. I tried to fashion them in a way that many people can identify with them on a personal level.

I hope that answers your questions for now. Feel free to ask some more. Hopefully I can answer them.

Have a great day

Until next time



Thank you for answering my questions. By the way, I'm a teenaged dude, so "Gardenia" doesn't fit so well with the whole name thing. Could you maybe come up with something else? If the name's good enough, I'll have to use it as my code name. lol.
I look forward to reading your work in print.


Sorry about the name. Guess that's what you get for writing anonymously. :)

So you want a code name. Hm...I'm going to have to think about that one. How about...The honorable Tabiticus? Or Mr. Rumple. You choose.

Anybody else want a code name? It seems that there are a lot more lurkers on this blog than I thought.

By the way, the code name is only offered for a limited time only.

Sinister snicker.

Cool. I want a code name. I've never really liked my name. It reminds me of a parked car. Very boring.

Just so ya know, i like computers, Books, and gummy worms.

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