At 8:00 A.M today, the temperature was perfect. The sun was warm. The sky was blue. The air smelled like blossoms, and I felt every inch alive. It's funny how mornings like that can put you in that, 'alive' state, where you think anything is possible, and the whole world and everything in it is on your side.

I'm feeling quite thoughtful today. It's Sunday, and Sundays always put me in a reflective mood. I like Sundays because it's one day in the week where I don't feel like I have to work. I may have to teach a lesson, or go to meetings. But I don't have to do those dishes. I can just be. I really like to just be. It seems like people have become Human-doings, rather than human beings. I don't mean,'the being' as being slothful or lazy. I mean the kind of being in which you can lie down in the grass and smell the earth, and watch the clouds and breath in and out, and enjoy the now of it all. So many times I've caught myself scurrying to fulfill tasks, useful tasks, listening to people, helping, doing good things, yet in hurrying to complete the next task, I never have sense of satisfaction, it's always, 'the next thing.'

But when you really stop to just BE. You start to realize that 'the next thing' will always be that. The only thing we really have and can possess is the now. This moment, this second. Possessions are only ours while we use them in the now, and then they are gone. The people in your life can only truly be appreciated in the now. To exist in the now of life, is to live in bliss. In the now's of life we posses eternity.


This is so true. Love your quote, "To exist in the now of life, is to live in bliss. In the now's of life we posses eternity."

With your permission, I would love to use that quote.


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